Team PMaps

Suresh Rajan

Venturer - Director

Prof S. Rajan has been a social entrepreneur & academician with over 30 years of work experience as a teacher, trainer, activist and development worker. His specific skill lies in establishing and nurturing institutions by contributing to team building, professional and personal development of staff at all levels in the organizations served. Prof Rajan has over 50 publications in the form of articles in international and national journals, books and research reports. At PMaps, Prof S. Rajan act as a mentor and guides team in overall governance and administration.

Mayur Yelikar

Controller - Project Manager - IT

I am working here for few years now. Everyone works as single cohesive unit to collectively achieve targets. It’s a fun place to work, the work happens without any pressure. All the seniors are easily approachable and very interested in rapidly solving whatever problem the employee may have. Even though there are clear hierarchies, it does not affect in daily work, everyone works together without any ego issues. The work I am doing is very interesting and I can see my growth happening very fast both intellectually and financially. I am very happy working here.

Apoorva Kayal

Analyzer - Manager - Pre Sales

My work profile demands three C’s – Creativity, Communication and Conscientiousness, which aptly suits my interests. Fun-filled atmosphere, open-door work culture, flexible work hours, enthusiastic colleagues tagged with quality work. Yes! It’s possible. Welcome to PMaps, a place where you can explore your capabilities. PMaps has played a vital role not only in molding me professionally, but also on the personal front. It has helped me realize my strengths. At PMaps, the only rule is, “United we stand, Divided we fall”. Teamwork is given the highest priority just like in a game of Soccer.

Sameer Borle

Analyzer - Manager - Marketing

Working at PMaps has been a wonderful experience given the working culture. Team work is the key trait required here. Take an example of a musical band where even the smallest of the instrument played by an individual is important to enhance the overall melody to achieve a common goal. You get freedom to share your valuable feedback, work in flexible timings, great colleagues to work with & work in a family-like atmosphere. It’s a great place to begin your career for those who are unclear about their interests.

Rahul Nirwan

Strategist - Product Manager - IT

I had an offer from certain MNC company when I joined PMaps for my internship program. Looking back, I will say that joining PMaps was the right decision. During this time, we have achieved deadlines impossible to meet, partied like there is no tomorrow. We still follow the non-restrictive way of working where each member has their freedom to work according to their way. Views of each member are heard and are responded to. Deadlines are always important. In the end, I can say it’s been a great and an amazing journey.

Seema Gupta

Specialist - Asst. Manager - Marketing & Sales

PMaps is a great place to work. You are encouraged to develop skills and mentorship is readily available. Leadership openly recognizes accomplishments, rewards successes, and often promotes internally. As an employee, you will often hear that you are part of the PMaps Family. This isn’t just a saying; it’s an integral part of the workday and beyond. Everyone treats each other with respect, kindness, and genuine caring. I love being part of the PMaps Family and I am very grateful that this is where my career took me.

Chaitali Medhi

Specialist - Psychologist

I have learned a lot of new things to engross myself. I have got an opportunity to work on different projects. I have experienced positive environment which always encourage me to achieve my goals. I have always experienced give and take relationship with my superiors. In this firm, I have enhanced fantastic flow of innovative and creative ideas. In PMaps, I am impressed by the cultural bonding through outside picnic and celebrations. I must say, here one can experience ‘cologne of Accomplishment’.

Sonali Shahu

Specialist - Psychologist

Being a clinical psychologist, PMaps Assessment has given me a big platform to explore the organizational behavioral sector. Here we not only work hard, but also party harder initiated by various organizational or employee level achievements. We believe in team performance opted from our value system and leadership style. Here every success is celebrated with lots of enthu and every onerous task is delivered by team spirit aiming to deliver the best to our clients. PMaps has given me lots of opportunities to explore new un-tried areas leading to my overall growth.

Arokiya Vincent

Specialist - Finance Analyst

It’s great to work with people at PMaps. Here, I get intense opportunities to learn and implement new tools and techniques in financial spheres and domains. The culture at PMaps is great and fascinating and has opportunities for professional development and I enjoy coming to work. Every team plays a key role and ensure that the work has been done smoothly. I personally value the relations I have with PMaps and there is wide opportunity to enhance your skills and career within the organization. I feel fortunate to be a part of this great company.

Amit Singh

Intern - Software Development

I joined PMaps assessments as a software developer intern and was given the environment on which I can grow on both professional and personal level. I got to work on live projects and experienced working in team where we all had the freedom of sharing our opinions and thoughts. I was given the opportunity to apply the learning in real life that I had learned in classroom and have also got the comprehensive knowledge of the professional working environment. I enjoy my experience in PMaps every day.

Pratik Bagwe

Intern - Software Testing

PMaps is the perfect place to work and learn. PMaps helped me to learn many new things about my domain and about the latest technologies. It also gave me a chance to interact and work with different teams in the organization, help me to skilled in much better way and to know the inner capabilities among myself. PMaps has friendly, challenging and knowledge gaining work environment. It’s a place of free thoughts with no limitation to hold back your performance. PMaps also appreciate the efforts, hard-work taken by the employee.

Saurabh Rana

Venturer - Director

PMaps is a fun place to work. There is no hierarchy and all business decisions are taken democratically with lots of transparency. We are bunch of “Davids” and we are set to challenge “Goliaths”. This is only possible if we all play together as a team rather fighting against each other. PMaps has certainly instilled values of “Team Spirit” in me and looking forward to enjoying this journey in coming years. Would highlight the most unique practice i.e. “Kela” award that’s being awarded to worst team member for the month through open voting.

Tarvinder Kaur

Controller - Head - Products and Operations

Its pleasure working with group of passionate individuals with varied interests and skill-sets. This ensures regular learning, offers everyday challenges to upgrade my existing skill set and a fun-filled day at work. We have successfully developed different psychometric assessment products currently meeting the needs of various leading clients. Working here gives me immense opportunities to meet renowned leaders across industry adding great perspective. This is one of my best work experiences specially in terms of variety of opportunities that I thrive on. In short, I love working at PMaps.

Prasad Jadhav

Analyzer - Statistician

Working at PMaps is a great pleasure for me. The company has enabled me to greatly boost my career with a diverse range of exciting and challenging projects. At PMaps, there are no limitations for growth and I’ve always been encouraged to stretch myself, improve my knowledge and develop new skills. No day is ever the same and, it is this diversity that makes working at PMaps enjoyable. I believe PMaps is an excellent organization where I want to build a career. I am proud to be part of PMaps.

Nikita Bhatkar

Strategist - Strategist- Special Initiative Group (SIG)

PMaps Assessment has a fun loving and relaxed working atmosphere with enormous learning and limitless opportunities for growing professional skills. Working on various projects with cross-functional teams enables overall development. The open end working culture of PMaps has helped me to undertake sense of ownership that has helped me to nurture new creative skills. The flexible working hours are always full of excitement and thrill for new projects with enthusiastic colleagues for achieving defined goals. Must say, PMaps is a right place for people who are passionate, creative and self-motivators!

Vaibhav Rokade

Specialist - Manager - Sales & Marketing

CHALLENGING, ENCOURAGING & TANGIBLE GROWTH “. Working with PMaps is always great experience. People here are genuine, talented, synergetic, helpful, talkative & fun loving. You don’t get forced to ‘Fit’ but PMaps always focus on how you will be comfortably fit in organization with continuous capability building, giving exposure to all fields with goal of making everyone as all-rounder. Everyone’s views are considered & acted upon for company’s growth. I can strongly say that PMaps is such an organization where “I Feel like going to office every day”.

Devishree Venu

Specialist - Assessment Specialist

It’s a pleasure to work in this organization. The flexible work schedules, positive team spirit, open suggestion for changes has encouraged me to make improvements and take risks. The company strives for a friendly team-oriented atmosphere and supportive attitude to all employees. My ideas and views are valued in this organization. This company genuinely cares about the development of my personal and professional goals and “I am proud to tell people that I am working with a company that promotes a healthy work environment and generous benefits.”

Nisha Kamble

Specialist - Assessment Specialist

Before joining PMaps, I used to teach Mathematics in college for three years. PMaps was my first job in the non-teaching field wherein the job profile was vastly different as compared to my past experience. The work is interesting as it included research, development of new categories to create relevant aptitude questions for various job profiles based on the type of experience. PMaps Assessment is always striving hard towards quality product, work ethics and client success. Employee satisfaction is also taken care here which are key for achieving the goals of the company.

Sonia Mendon

Specialist - Assessment Specialist

Working in PMaps Assessment is a wonderful experience and best place to work. The culture of this organization thrives on valuing its employees. My creative ideas are always valued and appreciated. At PMaps you never know what fun event will happen next as there a lot of events happens for team bonding. PMaps is a great company that not only looks at the top-line but also its people. It’s never boring to work here, as we are all exposed to participate in diverse projects. “I am proud to be a part of this exceptional organization.”

Sanket Samant

Specialist - Software Developer

PMaps is a great place to work. You get opportunity to work on live projects as per your potential. You get to learn new things as well as to learn how to be a good team player. We also go on outings to get refreshed. Though we have a hierarchy structure in our organization but alongside, we have transparency as well. You get a chance to work with different teams as per requirement of the project, which helps in growing overall bonding between the employees.

Prajesh Trivedi

Intern - Software Development

I joined here as a Software Developer. Here we get an opportunity to work on different domains that adds to our learning process and creativity and the environment has encouraged my development in growing my professional and personal life. There is no rigid hierarchy, everybody works together. The best part of IT team is, it’s a perfect mixture of having fun and Knowledge gain. “Just be OPTIMISTIC, Just BELIEVE in your Innovation, You are the CREATOR”.

Reshu Khatiyan

Intern - Software Testing

PMaps is a “Result Oriented” organization. It provided me with valuable hands-on experience on live projects where I had the opportunity to develop many skills. This internship has allowed me to hone my skills, especially those in my field of study. The work environment at PMaps is great and very supportive in nature which strives me to achieve excellence with creativity. Doing my work here is fun as the co-workers are interesting and open for new ideas. This is a great place to learn and grow.

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