Origin of TESTS and TESTING


Tests are as old as humanity. These tests primarily have resulted out of four questions that have haunted us ever since homosapiens inhabited the Earth. The first question in this regard is whether one is guilty or not? For this purpose a test was designed wherein the suspected liar is led into a dark tent. […]

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Varied Employees and Various Motivators


  Be it Hertzberg’s motivation-hygiene theory or Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, numerous theories suggest that success & happiness both are governed by whether your individual motivators are being met or not, and that’s not always all about money. We all have our distinct blend of motivators and for leaders to better engage the team to […]

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Predictive Analysis – Employee Performance

Predictive Analysis Image

Many companies face the challenge of employee productivity. A downfall in productivity depends on various factors like poor work performance, attrition, job dis-satisfaction, etc. In order to tackle/improve the employee productivity, companies are taking a deep dive into various tools for trying to predict employees’ credibility with the company.

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