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Psychometric Testing: A Modern Day Tonic For The Recruiters

What will you immediately do when there is a short circuit in your house or you see the chandelier is falling down on your head?

We surely think about protecting our self and later we think about prevention for its future occurrence. Well, I would surely like to compare this with the current corporate scenario where the short circuit is of attrition and chandelier is their employee performance.
They say, there’s no “I” in ‘Team’… but there are a few in “Hiring Mistake.” And you’ll have nobody to blame but yourself if you make one.

Hire just one wrong person, and you’ll spend a lot of time and emotional energy trying to fix your team. Nowadays each decision taken a stand in need to be validated with help of data, psychometric testing provides an essential piece of science in an industry that usually bet on their instinctive feeling.

The recruitment process is often time-driven and costly process- so, the employer’s priority is to improve staff retention once the new recruits enter the organization. Many organizations are already using psychometric tests as a part of the recruitment process to hire the suitable talent required for the organization. If you are not making use of psychometric tests as a part of your recruitment strategy, this could be the time to think about it.
So, what exactly is psychometric testing? And how it can help in hiring decision? Psychometric Testing is “used to measure individual’s mental capabilities and behavioral style”. The information which is extracted from psychometric test helps to identify hidden aspects of candidates which may be difficult to extract during a face-to-face interview.

Where psychometric testing has been deployed as a tool for recruiting the best talent into the company, they get a more objective view and a holistic picture of the candidate rather than solely depending on one’s personal opinion. Psychometric evaluation has taken a high leap over the recent years by measuring various traits like helpfulness, emotional maturity, affinity, composure, sense of accomplishment etc. in a candidate before they are found to be the chosen ones for the role. Often this gives the recruiter an upper hand in making a correct hiring decision.

Nowadays psychometry tests are so objective that it makes the candidates read less and analyze more by asking various situational questions. The questions can be as simple as,”What will you do if your car engine blows down in the middle of the road?” Or “What will you do when someone accidentally drops an ice cream on you?”
All these questions put the candidate to analyze the situation and answer appropriately. Every candidate may have different perception and opinion about such questions. These questions check whether the candidates have the right orientation towards the given role.

Thus, psychometry will always remain the best bet when it comes to hiring the right fit for crucial roles in any organization.

– Sameer Borle

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