Customer Services Assessment as a part of the BPO Services

Customer Services Assessment as a part of the BPO Services

The PMaps CSA or the PMaps Customer Service Assessment is actually based upon of three important modules:

  • Core or the Service,
  • The Sales and
  • The Collections.

Every particular module has a very much well structured set of questions which are designed to assess every kind of job-related skills and abilities.  The main purpose of these questions is primarily to assess the readiness of a candidate to function in the fields of Customer Service, along with Sales, or even the jobs related to Collections.  The main assessment and evaluation module which is given to the candidate will be practically required while taking and determining a particular kind of job title for which the candidates are applying for.


The brief description of every module: –


Core/Service Sales Collections
The skills and the ability to provide customer service, which basically includes the dealing of the right candidate effectively along with the customers and affinity for the customer service work. The Sales skills and the different kinds of ability, practically includes the major understanding of customer needs, thereby working to provide the main and effective solutions and affinity for the particular sales work. The skills and ability to perform the collections activities, which basically includes the working to provide best solutions along with the affinity for collections work.


The candidate or the executive will be asked questions based on the handling of the situation and the solved problems of the past. Finally it would be ended with a role play which will take part as a customer contact employee. It takes about 60 minutes for a completion of the BPO Service Assessment from the top down.


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