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What is PMaps Sales Readiness Tool?

The philosophy behind the PMaps Sales Readiness tool is: “Majority of decision making in the organizations should be based on Evidence rather than Gut feeling”. And our tool helps you to gather evidence based on the decisions through three stages:

  • Measure
  • Train
  • Interact

PMaps Sales Readiness tool gives you a bird-eye view in a single platform enabling you to take more efficient and productive decisions for your sales team and then lead your team of successors. It help organizations to make better sales decisions and acts as an enabler to the leaders for making objective decisions. This tool brings in the observations based on meritocracy through large sets of Performance data & Behavioural data that are displayed through a unique technology based predictive platform.

In simple terms, it is an analytical solution (based on Machine Learning) that improves the way Sales team functions for an organization. It enables sales people to take better decisions to:

  • Boost the revenue achievements
  • Boost the team & individual productivity by light catching speed
  • Win more customers

At PMaps, we make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to build various predictive models for sales. This Predictive Analytics is done in 2 Stages i.e.

  1. Focus on Root cause Analysis and
  2. Offer Consulting or Solutioning



This is the stage where all the skill, performance & behavioral data of your sales team is carefully measured and is mapped scientifically into specific prediction buckets.


Through this stage, managers can now also assign the required training sessions to the respective salesperson and also checks how much potential level salesperson have developed over a period of time through this virtual classroom structure.


At this stage, a constant interaction is established with the salespeople to capture occurrence of distraction from the focused target in the sales team. This interaction is planned at various prime incidents of change in the employee life cycle.


How We Do Performance Analytics?

At PMaps, we have designed various proprietary Predictive analytics models so as to predict different Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for any organization. These KPI’s are specific to Sales Productivity,& increasing sales productivity. Primary variables sums up from behavioural data, historical data, employee data, and engagement data.

Further, this data acts as an input for the Machine Learning model that results in predicting the required KPI by following a defined process.


Monetary Benefits:

The tool enables HR Manager to prevent from the risk of making bad hiring decisions that saves lot on training expense & finding new replacement.

Evidence based Decision making:

The Dashboard gives objective analysis in front of the laptop screen that removes decisions based on gut feelings or any kind of biasness by the Decision maker.

People Management:

The observations and the inferences drawn by the manager through the dashboard helps to keep a performance track and take a step for strategic planing.


The tool can we will integrate with the existing HRMS systems of the organizations which makes it easy for further functioning.

Boost Sales Performance:

The tool helps you to keep the track on the sales performance and also address the occurrence of risk to make better revenue decisions.

How It Works

Top Clients


A Delightful Experience

Lakshmi Menon

AVP – Human Resources

We have been working PMaps since Dec 2015 and are happy with the psychomteric evaluation and the online tests that PMaps has mapped for us.

Elton Isaac

AGM – Talent Acquisition

It is a great tool to use which can be customized to assess various skills that are required on the job. The team is prompt in providing solutions and ensures smooth functioning of the tool.

Kranti Munje


It has been pleasure working with PMaps team. Our aim was to reduce the recruitment cycle time; and we have achieved it through PMaps. The PMaps team has been very supportive to our needs. It has been pleasure working with the team!

Mushtaque Aalam

Head of Resourcing

It has met our organization’s purpose. We hope to see similar partnership in the future.

Preeti Shirke

Head-Recruitment – Intelenet Global Services

The PMaps team has been extremely forthcoming and receptive to the requirements we have shared. The solution that has been designed and customized to suit our requirements has been very well received in our organization. The team is very quick to respond to queries and provide resolution. We have been able to see the benefits of implementing this solution. The team also offered suggestions for providing the best possible resolution and truly partnered with us in our journey of creating a cloud environment for testing.

Siddhant Malhotra

Manager-Human Resources – Epicenter

The team at PMaps is exceptionally capable of understanding & executing comprehensive analytics, which is required for forecasting the competencies that would ensure an individual’s success in any given role. The team at PMaps does a phenomenal job of ensuring that they understand each & very precise nuances of a particular job requirement before they design an assessment tool.

Binoy Haridasan

Director – Human Resources – INFINX Services Pvt.. Ltd.

PMaps has a Amazing team along with a Great product, They could actually understand what exactly we were looking at the product for gauging employees and the tests were superbly prepared as per our needs. Thank you Team PMaps and all the very best for a great future.

Subodh Juwatkar

AVP – Human Resources – Darashaw & Co Pvt Ltd

Thanks for conducting a psychometric assessment for our new hires. PMaps team designed and delivered customized assessment in quick turnaround time.

Abhimanyu Kumar

Vice President HR – Bajaj Allianz General Insurance

We were very satisfied with PMaps People Analytics services. PMaps has applied both Psychology and Data-driven approaches for conducting People Analytics exercise. In terms of using PMaps Attrition Analytics services, it was Excellent partnership and commitment shown by PMaps.