Personality Evaluator (PE)

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What is PMaps Personality Evaluator?

PMaps Personality Evaluator (PE) is our premier selection tool for personality assessment based on contemporary five-factor model of personality commonly known as the “Big Five”. It extensively measures five broad traits:

  • Extraversion
  • Conscientiousness
  • Emotional Stability
  • Openness to Experience
  • Agreeableness.

International studies have shown the Big-Five model to be most effective model to predict job performance and is considered as the best tool for competitive organizations to pick up highly capable professionals for all levels. This assessment helps organizations to evaluate desired and required managerial skills in fresher candidates and measures their true capabilities.

This inclusive suite of PMaps Assessment facilitates organizations across industries of various domains, skills and expertise for various purpose and organizational requirements. Many of the corporates thus normally make use of this assessment for assessing their existing and prospective managers. However, it is a personality evaluating tool that assess managerial and leadership attributes in an individual for varied purposes.

Why do we use this?

The true reasons for organization from different domains which act as a key differentiator  behind using PMaps Personality Evaluator are mentioned below:

  • Helps organizations to understand personality of their existing employees.
  • Figure out individual employee’s strengths and weaknesses to strategize roles and improvise existing job responsibilities in accordance to capabilities.
  • Cultural fitment
  • Improvise on group effectiveness over organizational hierarchies.

Awareness of employee’s personality traits enables wiser planning of human resource for organizational growth.

Traits Assesses

The major traits that are considered for evaluating the true personality of the employees are as follows:

  1. Individual’s ability and openness for learning new things and new domains.
  2. Desire and obligation towards his/her job responsibilities that aligns with the goal of organization
  3. Comfort and openness of an employee for social interactions.
  4. Behavioral characteristics that show co-operative blend of an employee.
  5. Long term tendency of an employee to be associated with a negative emotional state like depression, anger, anxiety and the likes.

When companies choose PMaps Assessment, we bring more in their platter through our value-added services:

  • Scientifically developed customized multilingual and situation judgmental questions and statements.
  • Conflict resolution and building team effectiveness.
  • Predictive Analytics and inbuilt lie detector.
  • Pick up the best personality for the specific job requirements from the crowd.
  • Know more about candidate at pre-hiring stage for framing better interviews.
  • Assessment is well designed for adaptability and convenience of indian population.
  • Improved assessment properties like reliability and validity.
Industries using

Prominent Industries that are using PMaps Personality Evaluator are as follows:

  • Financial Services
  • Banking Industry
  • Insurance Industry
  • Consultancy
  • NBFC
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Education Industry
  • KPO/ Captive
  • Hospitality
  • Direct to Home
  • Retail/ FMCG Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • E-commerce
  • Telecom
  • IT/ ITeS Industry
  • Airlines
  • Tours and Travel Industry


  • Captures insights about personality
  • Select candidates according to organizational requirement

Norm Group

Age- 18-30 years


Measures broad 5 personality attributes

Question Types

Situation based


20 minutes

Top Clients


A Delightful Experience

Lakshmi Menon

AVP – Human Resources

We have been working PMaps since Dec 2015 and are happy with the psychomteric evaluation and the online tests that PMaps has mapped for us.

Elton Isaac

AGM – Talent Acquisition

It is a great tool to use which can be customized to assess various skills that are required on the job. The team is prompt in providing solutions and ensures smooth functioning of the tool.

Kranti Munje


It has been pleasure working with PMaps team. Our aim was to reduce the recruitment cycle time; and we have achieved it through PMaps. The PMaps team has been very supportive to our needs. It has been pleasure working with the team!

Mushtaque Aalam

Head of Resourcing

It has met our organization’s purpose. We hope to see similar partnership in the future.

Preeti Shirke

Head-Recruitment – Intelenet Global Services

The PMaps team has been extremely forthcoming and receptive to the requirements we have shared. The solution that has been designed and customized to suit out requirement has been very well received in our organization. The team is very quick to respond to queries and provide resolution. We have been able to see benefits of implementing this solution. The team also offered suggestions for providing the best possible resolution and truly partnered with us in our journey of creating a cloud environment for testing.

Siddhant Malhotra

Manager-Human Resources – Epicenter

The team at PMaps are exceptionally capable of understanding & executing comprehensive analytics, which is required for forecasting the competencies that would ensure an individual’s success in any give role. The team at PMaps does a phenomenal job of ensuring that they understand each & very precise nuances of a particular job requirement before they design an assessment tool.

Binoy Haridasan

Director – Human Resources – INFINX Services Pvt.. Ltd.

PMaps has a Amazing team along with a Great product, They could actually understand what exactly we were looking at the product for gauging employees and the tests were superbly prepared as per our needs. Thank you Team PMaps and all the very best for a great future.

Subodh Juwatkar

AVP – Human Resources – Darashaw & Co Pvt Ltd

Thanks for conducting psychometric assessment for our new hires. PMaps team designed and delivered customised assessment in quick turnaround time.