10 minutes to Know Yourself…

PMaps Know Yourself is a quick online personality test for you to know your personality. This FREE personality quiz is all about yourself which is a very FAST & RELIABLE tool to get your personality overview. It is known for its scientific methodologies that give you the most accurate interpretation of your personality.

This self-assessment is a great way to know your personality and to get various perspectives for your personal, professional & your career growth.

What will you get?

Through this 10 minutes personality assessment you can know your personality traits broadly measured across 5 major aspects:

  • Your relatability with others.
  • Your inclination to collaboration.
  • Your ethical blend towards your work.
  • Your social dependency vs your individualism.
  • Your thinking styles and patterns.

NEXT 10 minutes, will answer you your question for “Who am I ?”

Points to Remember before the Quiz:

  • The Personality Quiz contains 40 interactive image-based questions. Most individuals will take about 10 minutes.
  • Try to mark all the questions in the quiz to get an accurate report.
  • Avoid marking “Neutral” options too often.
  • Try not to give socially desirable options. In short, always mark“How you are” and not “How you want to be or wish to be”.
  • Remember the key here: Answer as quickly as possible. The more you overthink, you tend to mark ‘I would like to’ that ‘How I am’. Your spontaneous answer is often the most accurate answer that you will give honestly about yourself.